African Union (Ethiopia)

African Union Commission (AUC)

The Commission is the  key institution mandated with the management of the African  Union, elaboration of common positions of the Union, elaboration, coordination and harmonization of the programmes and policies of the Union with those of the Regional Economic Commissions’ (RECs).

CADRI Support to AUC

In 2013, through its Department of Rural Economy and Agriculture, in partnership with UNDP and CADRI, the AUC held an workshop on mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in AU policies, programmes and plans, identifying stakeholder roles and responsibilities and making DRR an integral part of decision making. UNDP and CADRI-led sessions included understanding disaster risk and the economics of DRR; linkages among disasters, climate shange and resilient development; disaster risk and development in Africa; and mainstreaming DRR into AUC priority sectors (health, infrastructure and energy, social affairs, rural economy and agriculture, and humanitarian affairs). Workshop recommendations included the need for proper risk and preparedness assessments on key entry points in order to build a comprehensive national and continental plan of action (NPA), based on the 2004 AU DRR Strategy and recommendations from the 4th Africa regional platform on the Hyogo Framework for Action. Additionally, technical support was offered in integrating disaster risk reduction into the new AU Climate Change Strategy.